Phytosanitary product

Updated on 04/07/2018
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Plant protection products. There may be some confusion with pesticides, which are phytosanitary products, but only intended to fight against organisms considered harmful. Phytosanitary products are used in large quantities in various ranges of application: firstly agriculture, but also roads (maintenance of roads and railways) and various private uses (gardening, treatment of facilities, etc). In fact phytosanitary products style the same products as pesticides, but they are then used for agriculture and crop protection. The phytosanitary products include many classes of products such as insecticides (which kill insects), fungicides (which eliminate fungi), herbicides (weeding), nematicides (which kill nematodes and earthworms), rodenticides (used to get rid of various rodents such as rats, mice, field mice, garden dormice, etc).
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