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Updated on 13/07/2018
Cycle de la DCE
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Under the Water Framework Directive (WFD), it is a six-year management cycle (2010-2015, 2016-2021, 2022-2027, etc) given for achieving environmental objectives. Within a planning rationale, in each basin or group of basins, assessments and a register of protected areas were made in 2004 and programmes for monitoring water status were established late 2006. On this basis, river basin management plan (SDAGEs), which lay out objectives and their programmes of measures, which identify the key measures to be taken to achieve the SDAGE's goals, were adopted late 2009. SDAGEs and programmes of measures apply to the 2010-2015 management cycle. A progress report on the implementation of the programmes of measures must be drafted late 2012 to plan, whenever necessary, the additional measures required in cases of delays or difficulties. The next management cycle is being prepared by updating the assessments, which will take place by the end of 2013, in view of updating the SDAGEs and their programmes of measures that will then apply to the 2016-2021 management cycle (the subsequent cycles being prepared in a similar way).

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