Aquatic corridor

Updated on 13/07/2018
Sens technique
Corresponds to the continuum or ecological continuity formed by a watercourse, its water-dependent areas and tributaries from their headwaters to the sea. This network enables the movement of aquatic and semi-aquatic species (otter, beaver) necessary for the colonization of their habitat and the completion of their life cycle. It also helps to maintain the good physical functioning of rivers to transport sediment and convey fluid flows in the system. These mechanisms are essential to the creation of aquatic habitats of good hydro-morphological quality (alternations of flow facies) and necessary for the self-purifying function of the watercourse. At the regional level, the aquatic corridor appears uniformly (rivers). At the local level, it consists of many habitats: alluvial benches, floodplains, ox-bows, sills, pools.
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