The water and aquatic environments glossary disseminates, in open access, definitions of more than 1400 terms on water and aquatic biodiversity, in French, English and Spanish, to facilitate the understanding of these terms by the largest number. It is :

  • searchable online and downloadable in different formats (HTML, PDF, ASCII, JSON, RDF-XML, OWL);
  • collaborative because any user can submit a request for modification or addition of terms;
  • shared because its content is available to all, and set to automatically feed other websites;
  • built according to the standards of the semantic web (RDF, SKOS, SPARQL, ...) thus making it possible to disseminate structured and optimized information for more efficient uses and automated reuses by search engines and Internet sites;
  • linked to other knowledge bases (such as the water thesaurus, the GEMET thesaurus, ...) in order to achieve aggregations of content from different sources.


Last changes

Green Budget

modifié le 28/10/2020

Nature based Solutions

modifié le 21/09/2020

watercourse rectified

modifié le 27/07/2020

Dam removal

modifié le 27/07/2020

Headward erosion

modifié le 20/07/2020

Protection zone

modifié le 24/06/2020

Flood warning

modifié le 08/04/2020

Abstraction protection zone

modifié le 18/03/2020

Soil drought

modifié le 18/03/2020

Meteorological drought

modifié le 18/03/2020


modifié le 06/12/2019


modifié le 19/08/2019

Special area of conservation

modifié le 08/07/2019


modifié le 08/07/2019

Hydrological drought

modifié le 08/07/2019

Participatory sciences

modifié le 08/07/2019

Naturalized species

modifié le 08/07/2019

Grey water

modifié le 08/07/2019